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31 months time (November, 2014 through present)

Sworn law enforcement personnel trained on anti-demand tactics from 32 cities across the United States
Suspected sex buyers leaving illicit massage parlors warned/interviewed by law enforcement
Sex buyers educated through court ordered post arrest diversion program
Clicks to warning and awareness website via sex buyer forum/review boards
Sex buyers arrested
Cyber patrol conversations between sex buyers and law enforcement
People have been trained in prevention education, including 1000 high school students
Text message warnings delivered to sex buyers who contact commercial sex ads online
Employees who work in Arizona prohibited from buying sex per official employment policy (City of Phoenix employees)
Website visitors to multiple deterrence websites specifically designed for sex buyers
People clicked on the Google Ads and went to the deterrence website
Men reached through Facebook/Instagram social media campaign
Google Ads delivered to people searching for commercial sex online in Arizona
Billboard/bus shelter advertising impressions “Not Worth It” campaign

Online purchase intent

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The Issue

Sexual exploitation is a complex problem.
It requires a structured strategy that incorporates a mix of tactics to stop sex buying, empower the victim, and evolve our society’s understanding about the realities of prostitution.

Our Mission

The mission of CEASE Arizona is to eradicate sex trafficking in the state of Arizona by focusing on the demand for paid sex.

By disrupting the business of human trafficking through targeted campaigns aimed directly at sex buyers, we can have a measurable impact in the overall size of the market.

Our Impact

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Your support makes a difference

Thank you for helping CEASE Arizona target demand and hold buyers accountable for their actions.