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What We Do

Ending Demand for Paid Sex

Through awareness, education and law enforcement, we aim to stop buyers from purchasing sex at the point of sale, deter them from future transactions, and help shape public’s opinions about the harms of prostitution in our community.


How We Do It

Public Awareness
Prevention Curriculum
Civilian Intervention Tactics
Law Enforcement Tactics
Policy Recommendations
Sex Buyer Education
Technology Solutions
Research and Data Analysis
Workplace training and policies
Social Media Targeted Campaigns

Why We Do It

We believe that sex buyers are responsible for the sex trafficking problem in our state.

This work is a long game—the problem will not go away overnight, or even in a few years. It is going to take a multi-sector approach that addresses the issue in all areas of society: families, healthcare, mental health and addiction, education and prevention, the criminal justice system, and even at workplaces and churches.

The Issue

Sexual exploitation is a complex problem.
It requires a structured strategy that incorporates a mix of tactics to stop sex buying, empower the victim, and evolve our society’s understanding about the realities of prostitution.

Our Mission

The mission of CEASE Arizona is to eradicate sex trafficking in the state of Arizona by focusing on the demand for paid sex.

By disrupting the business of human trafficking through targeted campaigns aimed directly at sex buyers, we can have a measurable impact in the overall size of the market.

Our Impact

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Your support makes a difference

Thank you for helping CEASE Arizona target demand and hold buyers accountable for their actions.